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Discover the Mitel/ShoreTel difference.

Mitel/ShoreTel Communications

Mitel and ShoreTel technologies improve communications by connecting email, fax, VoIP, text, phone, and more into a unified solution. As your partner, Cal Net begins by installing, configuring, and testing your existing system. Then, we routinely upgrade and test your VoIP, UC, email, fax, and other communication connections.

Better Mitel/ShoreTel Solutions

You have unique goals and challenges, and we understand that you need solutions designed to fit your goals even as they change. As your Mitel/ShoreTel partner, we customize your solutions to scale and shift as your organization grows.

  • Installing your Mitel/ShoreTel solutions
  • Configuring and testing your systems
  • Upgrading digital communications
  • Connecting communication solutions including VoIP and UC
  • Proactively monitoring and maintain your systems
  • Providing real-time performance reporting

Test the efficiency of your Mitel/ShoreTel systems.

Benefits of Mitel/ShoreTel

  • Cloud, onsite or hybrid VoIP options to promote scalability
  • Rich UC features to lower operation costs
  • Real-time collaboration tools and resources to boost productivity
  • Integrated call center software to improve customer service
  • SIP trunking to cut costs and improve business continuity
  • Custom voice and SMS apps to transform your customer experience
  • Integrated communications to streamline your process

Unified Communications & VOIP Services

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