When your organization is expected to provide Internet access to customers and employees across multiple buildings, you need a solid network backbone. However, if you’re dealing with an outdated infrastructure like the Autry Museum was, how do you balance addressing your needs now, versus what you’ll need to grow long-term?

That’s where Cal Net comes in.


Autry’s wireless system needed to be expandable for future growth, but first, the existing network required a major upgrade. With museum visitors and library researchers to account for, the solution would have to be wide-ranging, yet manageable from a central location for easy implementation.


Our engineers worked in conjunction with Ruckus Wireless to map the Autry facilities and implement a cost-effective wireless network that could easily be maintained from one location. This setup provided a scalable solution with controlled bandwidth and filtering for the users, including separate access for the guests and employees.

Spec Details:
  • A ZoneDirector 1106 wireless controller supports up to 50 access points, allowing Autry to quickly and cost-effectively expand additional coverage areas as needed.
  • Four strategically positioned ZoneFlex three-stream 7982 802.11n Smart Wi-Fi access points create stable connections within high capacity environments where users with mobile devices are constantly moving.


The Autry is now experiencing reliable and secure wireless Internet access throughout their facilities. The network is centrally managed and can easily be expanded to meet their growth needs.

Time to upgrade your organization’s Internet?

During your on-site assessment, our team of experts will identify ways in which we can improve your coverage and connectivity, whether it’s for internal workflow or a better customer experience.

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