Security Assessments

Learn how to protect your business, brand, and data after a free Network Security Assessment.


Percentage of small and mid-sized organizations that suffered at least one cyberattack in the last 12 months.

$255 million

Last year, California was #1 in the U.S. in lost revenue from cybercrime.


Percentage of businesses that reopen after closing due to a cyber attack.

Is Your Firewall Missing Threats?

With Cal Net and SonicWall’s latest in next-generation firewall technology, we’ll identify vulnerabilities in your organization’s IT infrastructure that could be putting you at risk. What you do with our findings is completely up to you.

How the assessment works

The assessment is absolutely free with no-obligation, but once you see how vulnerable your current firewall is leaving you, we’d love to offer you an additional credit towards upgrading.

  • Our experts will install a SonicWall next-generation firewall behind your existing firewall.
  • Next, we’ll run a detailed SonicWall Application Risk Management (SWARM) Report to assess your current firewall’s security.
  • We’ll report back to you with what we find, and how much of your current web traffic is going completely unmonitored!

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