Roberts Cosmetics + Container is an international packaging company with employees in the United States (California and New York), China, and Korea. The company has been designing and manufacturing containers for the cosmetics industry for the past six decades.


With a global presence, Roberts faced specific challenges in managing production tasks, as they weren’t equipped with a streamlined platform for email and file sharing. With time zone differences and massive amounts of information exchange between various team members, Roberts needed a solution that could be easily integrated with the already existing Microsoft management tools.
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Roberts turned to Cal Net to create an intranet solution for their account managers that would streamline project management from design to production, reduce the amount of email, and provide a hub for all communication related to each project.

After a thorough assessment and a clear understanding of Roberts’ communication and information sharing challenges, we recommended Microsoft SharePoint as the solution.

The SharePoint portal has given Roberts a centralized location for images, documents, tasks/timelines, and discussions that are clearly separated by project. Discussions may also be viewed through Microsoft Outlook and set to alert specific team members


Three weeks after implementing SharePoint, which is compatible with Microsoft programs and iOS, the Roberts team had an estimated 30% reduction in email. The intranet homepage allows for sharing of new product photo galleries and item numbers, a list of new initiatives and media placements, updates from industry news sites and the company’s blog and social media profiles, and a rolling feed of all discussions happening across SharePoint. The homepage also showcases the top three “Hot Topics” in discussion and allows team members to see whether others are currently online, increasing communication.

The Roberts sales team is also able to review marketing materials in a catalog-like format with the ability to download and send to customers and prospects.

SharePoint helps to keep all team members more task-oriented, no matter their time zone, as project changes sync with Microsoft Project. For this global team, the SharePoint Solution was the perfect project management and internal communications Los Angeles tool.

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