Network & Wi-Fi Management

Offer your customers and employees the flexibility and convenience of a secure Wi-Fi network.

Improve Your Experience

You and your team can get more done when you have the freedom to move around the office. Meanwhile, your customers have grown accustomed to Internet access while they wait. Cal Net designs and deploys secure Wi-Fi networks that improve the flexibility of your IT infrastructure.

Wi-Fi Network Services

Our experts customize wireless network environments based on your connectivity requirements and budget. Cal Net keeps your network secure and running smoothly – from peer-to-peer networks to full infrastructures for multiple users roaming a large service area.

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Benefits of Partnering with Cal Net

With ties to industry-leading partners, Cal Net delivers the most innovative network and WiFi solutions.

  • Evaluation of your existing network
  • Wi-Fi network developed to your unique specifications
  • Better workforce mobility and flexibility
  • Wireless security best practices
  • Simplified implementation of BYOD policies
  • Controlled network access for guest users

Unified Communications & VOIP Services

When working to make schools smarter and more secure, Anaheim Union School District understands that instant communication is key.

Growing With Microsoft’s Azure Cloud

To become a leading digital destination, Asos needed to be more than just a top-notch retailer.

Firewall Protection Against Encrypted Threats

If your firewall is over a year old, it may only be monitoring 50% of your incoming web traffic, leaving you susceptible to a cyber attack.

Smart & Connected Workspaces

Steelcase demonstrates the power of IoT solutions with an inspired, collaborative working environment.

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