De-Mystifying Technologyand License Procurement

IT vendor management can be a jigsaw puzzle of multiple technologies, vendors, specifications, licenses, contacts, warranties, and support. It’s tough to drive a hard bargain when you’re not entirely fluent in tech speak. Cal Net has long-standing partnerships and can procure, license, and support hardware and software that suits your needs and budget.

IT Vendor Management

We’re partnered with some of the most well-known names in technology – Microsoft, HP, WTG and Hewlett-Packard to name a few – so you get the hardware, software, and cloud services you need for the best price possible. We handle the ongoing maintenance in compliance with licenses or warranties and streamline support requests to reduce downtime.

Let us serve as your technology advocates.

Benefits ofIT Vendor Management Solutions

  • Unbiased hardware and software needs assessment
  • Site survey and infrastructure inventory
  • Procurement support
  • New system and technology implementation
  • Warranty, license and lease management
  • Tier 1 and Tier 2 tech support assistance
  • Significant cost and time savings

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Leverage our vendor relationships to drive better deals.

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