Power your Workforce with aCloud-Based Desktop

Desktop as a Service (DaaS) provides all the benefits of centrally managed, cloud-based workstations – minus the investment required to procure and maintain the infrastructure. It enables you to securely access your personal desktop, just as you left it, from any device connected to the Internet. Our uniquely gated application architecture also minimizes the possibility of security breaches.

Get more done with the power of cloud workspaces.

Cal Private Cloud:Virtual Desktop

Ever lost your computer? The Cal Private Cloud: Virtual Desktop works on any device, anytime, anywhere. Your data is hosted on remote servers and therefore always accessible, no matter what goes wrong.

Now you can improve the productivity of your organization and reduce costs by introducing BYOD without creating security risks. No end-user training means configuration and implementation is a breeze!

Discover how DaaS reduces costs by simplifying operations.

Cal Private Cloud:Virtual Desktop Benefits

  • Eliminate slow workflows and employee downtime
  • Reduce equipment costs by implementing a secure BYOD policy
  • Simplify inter-departmental operations
  • Expand protection and improve security for your end-users
  • Improve mobility and access control
  • Centralize application management
  • Cut down on onsite infrastructure and overhead

Virtual Access Virtually Anywhere

What do you do if you need to access work from your computer at home, or from your hotel room, or on your way to a big meeting? Regardless of your device, the experience of using a Cal Private Cloud: Virtual Desktop is identical to that of using your PC. Access presentations, ongoing projects, pricing info, and sales materials wherever you want, whenever you need them.

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