No matter your field, the underlying goal of any business is to make a profit.

This is achieved through various practices, evolutions, and lots of trial and error. One common trend business giants are picking up on is the adoption of new technology. Remaining innovative and staying up-to-date with the times is essential to keeping your brand relevant, but did you know many of these emerging technologies can also save you money?

Whether you’re a large corporation or small business, we’ve broken down a few of the latest and greatest tech developments you can implement to reduce costs.


Cloud Computing

If you haven’t already, one crucial move you should be making is migrating your organization to the cloud. Beginning with reduced costs for in-house IT staff, cloud computing provides numerous benefits to your business. Because cloud-based software and applications automatically update themselves, the cloud has allowed more businesses to outsource their IT support.

The cloud also gives employees secure access to information on the go, allowing your workforce to be more mobile. This is especially useful for companies with remote workers and work-from-home policies.

On a higher-level, the cloud allows you to have data backups in places that are off-site, just in case your on-site servers are ever compromised by a cyber attack or suffer physical damage. The cloud can have your systems back up and running in hours, not days.


Enterprise Content Management

Managing content is a job in itself, especially when you factor in the need for said content to be secure but also available to be used for achieving business goals. Historically, this meant hours of manual data entry, thousands of dollars in printing, and risk of costly mistakes.

With Enterprise Content Management, however, businesses are relieved of these stressors by eliminating manual tasks, cutting overhead costs and reducing paper consumption. Not to mention optimizing company workflow. Implementing ECM allows employees of all levels to quickly organize, track, and edit various company documents, resulting in less time sifting and more time providing efficient service.


Unified Communications

Being out of the office today doesn’t mean what it used to. With unified communication technology, companies are able to communicate with employees across the globe through a variety of different devices. This is allowing businesses to hire and grow without the need for a larger office or increased IT infrastructure.

The ability to teleconference and video chat opens up opportunities for hiring freelancers to fill creative roles, data analytics, and other responsibilities remotely. Flexible communication systems also improve production time by allowing employees to remain in the comfort of their home or local office, saving money on travel, meals, lodging and other excess expenses.

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Recently, chatbots have been the talk of the tech world, demonstrating abilities that have many believing they are the future of customer service. This is due to the fact that they can save your business big bucks without sacrificing quality.

Chatbots help businesses efficiently accomplish tasks that would have otherwise required manual labor while simultaneously reducing the need for service personnel. At present, chatbots can take care of your everyday customer service issues, but as technology continues to advance they’re predicted to do a lot more and that means more savings.

Reducing Costs With A Better IT Strategy

Keeping up to date with technology is essential for all businesses to stay ahead of the competition. If you’re going to use it, you might as well make the most of it. Determining your company needs and the services that will work best for you is the first step of integrating anything new. The initial cost of purchasing the latest tech tools may seem daunting, but keep in mind the long-term savings. Once in place, the results you’ll see following your commitment to technology will undoubtedly show its worth.

About Our Guest Blogger

Sara, Ms. Digital Diva, has 15 years worth of experience working in the tech industry. As a woman in a predominately male field, she likes to think that she offers a unique perspective on the tech/cloud industry’s rapid changes and simultaneous tendency to stay the same.

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