Harvard-Westlake School (HWS) is one of the top college preparatory schools in Southern California. They approached Cal Net Technology Group seeking assistance with implementing a high-end firewall.


With 1,597 students enrolled in grades 7-12 and a student to faculty ratio of 8:1, HWS needed a modern security solution to protect their growing amounts of data.
Los Angeles Cal Net Technology Group Harvard Westlake School IT Services


In order to cater to HWS’s specific needs, we developed a detailed Scope of Work and implementation strategy that would be both time and cost efficient, allowing HWS to see results faster than any one single engineer could hope to achieve.


Thanks to the new firewall, we’re now able to ramp up HWS’s services during peak hours, creating a more reliable network, and reduce costs by lowering services during times of inactivity.
Orange County Cal Net Technology Group Harvard Westlake School IT Services

“Cal Net has been able to bring subject matter experts to us. This has allowed projects to be completed rapidly while ensuring a high-quality outcome. We couldn’t have completed the same number of tasks with a single additional full-time tech added to our staff. We are very happy for what Cal Net has done for us.”

HWS has been so satisfied with their experience, they’ve contracted us for a total of 70 projects of high-level interest.

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