FMS Financial Partners, Inc. advocates on behalf of businesses and families who require highly specialized financial and advisory services, including ongoing support for Employee Benefits programs. The company’s goal is to help people maximize the value of their assets while minimizing risk for employees and organizations alike.


As an independent financial services firm, FMS required a cutting-edge IT infrastructure to stay competitive and ultimately benefit their clients. Brent Gruttman, Partner, explains why his firm chose Cal Net:

“Cal Net was referred to us twelve years ago when we made the executive decision to ‘in source’ a core business function that was outside our area of expertise. We have been very happy with the level of service, knowledge and guidance we have received from Cal Net. We have found them to be extremely helpful as we work through the unknowns of the IT world.”



By implementing our Cal Complete insourcing solution, which provides the bandwidth of an entire IT department at a fraction of the cost, FMS was able to focus on the core aspects of their business. Gruttman now relies on our team for 24/7 technical support, upgrade implementation, and troubleshooting.

“Simply put, we get the best and most cutting-edge IT solutions because we don’t have to invest in our own education and know-how. We are confident in the Cal Net team and their IT decisions, and we know we are getting the best ‘deals’ and top of the line ‘expertise’ at all times.”


Today, we manage over 100 types of financial and business-related software, continually upgrade out of date systems and servers, implement disaster recovery, and keep FMS operating with little to no downtime.

“Cal Net has truly given us a competitive edge that we couldn’t have on our own. The amount of time and energy they spend creating valuable channel partnerships, obtaining certifications, and ultimately remaining educated about IT innovations is something that wouldn’t be possible with one internal FMS IT personnel. I would recommend Cal Net to anyone, except our competitors of course!”

Outsource some or all of your IT needs with one of our 3 Cal Managed Services Plans.

During your on-site assessment, our team of experts will identify which Cal Managed Services Plan is the right fit for your unique IT needs.

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