For years, Fleetwood Fibre had been working with a Boston-based IT Consulting firm that had vast experience in the manufacturing industry. But the packaging and graphics company knew they needed to make the switch to a local firm because of the challenges they faced with a non-local IT services company.
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Fleetwood Fibre had terminal servers that would lock up and disable users from doing any work until the server was rebooted. The staff was extremely frustrated and it was causing an hour to an hour and a half of downtime per person. When you multiply that by 225 employees that is an extreme loss of manpower. During a July stretch, the company email was down for 6 hours a day, and at that point, IT Administrator Jodi Cook called Cal Net.

“We had originally met Cal Net’s CEO, Zack Schuler, and were thoroughly impressed with their approach to doing business and felt comfortable from the start. We weren’t ready to ‘make the move’ at that point, but as soon as we needed to change, I called Zack immediately.”


By implementing our managed infrastructure solutions, Fleetwood Fibre was given access to resources and certifications of a large company without having to train additional staff or invest in cutting-edge IT education. Our highly- trained team of IT professionals are available and on-call to provide technical management, implementation of upgrades, and troubleshooting.
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From the time we implemented our managed services, the company’s systems have been much more stable. The servers are not locking up or shutting down, and employees are not complaining.

“Cal Net truly took the time to understand our situation from the beginning. The assessment was a key selling point: from day one they identified our problem issues which means we’ve had no surprises, even one year later.”

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