Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)

Only 25% of businesses that close after a data disaster ever reopen. Are you as prepared as you think?

Backups You Can Count On

In the event of a major catastrophe – such as critical data loss or a complete network outage – can you be back up and running in 15 minutes? Cal Net works with you to customize solutions that blend data backups with near-instant recovery.

Data Recovery by Cal Net

Cal Net is among California’s elite disaster recovery providers. The cloud enables us to restore your systems faster than with a standard Internet download, and with minimal impact to your operations.

  • Hardware and support
  • Unlimited server agents
  • Customized to unit size and data storage needs
  • Geo-redundant offsite cloud datacenters replicate daily
  • Unit sizes range from 2TB to over 40TB
  • Monthly billing

Planning for continuity after a disaster is a daunting project. We’re here to help.

DRaaS Support

Your data, files, and documents are protected and always available, even when the worst happens.

  • Ensure first full backups are successful and all server volumes are protected
  • Review backup jobs daily and report anomalies
  • Monitor hardware health, responding to any alerts or failures
  • Reconfigure backup job retention
  • Restore file data as needed
  • Perform DRaaS hardware maintenance including software/firmware updates

Cloud Backups vs. Disaster Recovery as a Service

Businesses need a solution that can quickly restore databases in minutes, not days.

Free Ransomware Survival Guide

From prevention to recovery, this ebook will show you how to keep your data safe from Ransomware.

Firewall Protection Against Encrypted Threats

If your firewall is over a year old, it may only be monitoring 50% of your incoming web traffic, leaving you susceptible to a cyber attack.

5 Ways Your Firewall Can Fail

This ebook examines five areas where legacy sandboxing techniques fail, and explores what you need to do to stay safe.

Advanced DRaas Support

It doesn’t matter who you are in your organization – everyone is a target, and everyone is accountable. You need experts to continually update protection services.

  • Local and cloud file restores
  • Monitoring of screen-shot tests
  • Local virtualization support to spin-up server on DRaaS
  • Assistance with restoring back to production hardware
  • Cloud server spin-up tests as requested

Today’s Stats on Ransomware

Ransomware has succeeded in bypassing common types of security and backup services. Today, one occurs every 40 seconds!

  • Ransomware infections are up 40% since last year
  • 50% of ransomware attacks infect at least 20 employees
  • 1 in 5 businesses that paid the hacker’s ransom still didn’t get their data back
  • 1 in 3 businesses infected went without access to critical systems/files for 5 days or longer

Free disaster recovery consultation

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