On Thursday, December 14th, the FCC voted to repeal regulations that prohibited Internet providers from speeding up or slowing down websites, paving the way for a new kind of information super-highway.

You’ll hear a lot of pundits debate the decision on TV, but what does the end of net neutrality really mean for your business?

Bundling Like Cable

Net Neutrality Affects Businss Cal Net Technology Group

Randy Nieves, CTO of Cal Net Technology Group, compares one possible future of the Internet to your cable TV package.

“In reality, the Internet has never been fair or neutral. ISPs have always charged different rates for access speeds, and traffic prioritization has been around for years. What’s different about this though is the theoretical concept of bundling sites into packages like the cable company does with channel lineups. What happens to the small business whose website generates most of their revenue if they get de-prioritized, and some of their market can’t even find them? Can the business ‘pay-off’ the ISP to include them in the lineup? Will you have fights between Google and Verizon like CBS and Spectrum? That’s the fear.

The Good News

Don’t head for your bunker in the hills just yet! Nieves explains why there’s still hope.

The reality is that innovation always wins. No matter what the ISPs try to do to control traffic, there will be innovators that will find ways around it and/or create new business models because of it. Look at what Hulu, Roku, and Netflix did to cable.

What You Can Do

Net Neutrality Affect My Business

While we wait to see how the new Internet frontier plays out, there are plenty of steps you can proactively take to ensure your business maintains its competitive edge.

  • Enterprise Content Management eliminates manual paperwork and data entry, improving your client response time while maximizing your ROI for hourly staff.
  • Moving to a Cloud Platform makes it easier for teams to access information as you grow your operations.
  • Unified Communications – including phone systems and scheduling software – reduce wasted time “trying to connect.”
  • A Managed Firewall gives you and your prospective clients the confidence that their information is protected. Nobody wants to kick off 2018 with a data breach.
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