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Switching I.T. Providers

Switching I.T. Providers in Los Angeles and Southern California

We understand that the prospect of switching I.T. providers can be an uncomfortable endeavor. We frequently field questions such as “How long will it take the new provider to understand the intricacies of my business” or “What if our old provider becomes irate and seeks retaliation on our network?”

Many businesses are under the impression that their technology is more complicated than it really is. Most businesses are leveraging technology in the same or similar fashion, and Cal Net has the skill sets to very quickly learn how YOU do things. Through our computer and network support in Los Angeles, Orange County, Ventura County, and areas in San Bernardino County, clients grow to understand that getting the job done correctly really boils down to technical expertise and experience with a wide variety of systems. We have the expertise and experience, and this sets our clients at ease. Contact Cal Net for reliable IT services in the Southern California area.

Every time we bring on a new client, we are faced with the challenge of making sure that the transition from their old support provider—or their old in-house staff—is seamless. As a leader to those in surrounding counties of Los Angeles, Orange, Ventura, and parts of San Bernardino, this is a process that we’ve gone through literally hundreds of times. Cal Net stands out for our technical knowhow and our broad array of practical experience. We are known for our highly skilled staff and first-rate service.

In all of these cases, we were tasked with learning and securing the environment quickly and working with management in crafting an exit strategy for the old provider or the old I.T. department. We have a proven “take-over” methodology that we have flawlessly executed time and time again.

I.T. Provider Lockout Procedure

IT Provider lockout procedures

On the right hand side, there is a PDF entitled “IT Provider lockout procedures” that will give you an idea as to everything that we look at and plan for during a transition from one support organization to another.

We make switching to Cal Net an easy and seamless transition.

Smaller I.T. providers closing their doors

With the realities of the new economy upon us, there is a tremendous amount of consolidation going on in the industry, with the weaker and less stable IT companies dropping quickly. If you have no intentions on making the switch today, if for nothing else, keep our contact information handy and we can be your “Disaster Recovery Plan” if your I.T. provider closes its doors. We will be here for many years to come.

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