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It is rare that technology comes along that has the potential of being so important to your business, that without it, your profits suffer, significantly. When your competition uses it, they make strides against you. We have witnessed this phenomenon first hand, with Microsoft SharePoint. When SharePoint was first introduced, it was touted as "A Portal Software" or an "Intranet Software." It certainly is that, but it is so much more.

At Cal Net, we consider it to be "A profit-increasing software."

Companies can no longer afford waste. They can no longer afford to be inefficient with their resources. This goes for technology resources, as well as people resources.

SharePoint is the solution to efficiency.

At Cal Net, here is a brief idea of what we’ve done with SharePoint.
  • Allowed our management team to understand how we are doing with respect to our service delivery, in real time, with very specific metrics (key performance indicators) displayed on a management dashboard. These KPI's help them to make immediate decisions, without waiting for manually delivered reports.

  • Allowed our sales team to understand how we are doing as a company, in real-time, by showing them metrics specific to them, and their acquisition of new business, and by creating healthy competition among our teams.

  • Allowed our scheduling department to get a real-time look at our overall utilization, and to understand what resources are available to them, so that they can use under-utilized resources effectively, and alleviate over-utilized resources who may be too busy.

  • Created an "on-boarding app" that reduced the time it took to on-board a new employee by 75%. The on-boarding process is completely automated, with work flow processes acting behind the scenes, so that everyone know what they are supposed to be doing.

  • Created a "new client on-boarding app." Utilizing Microsoft InfoPath, a sales rep fills out a single form. The submission of that form kicks off a process whereby Accounting knows what to do, the Engineering department knows what to do, the Technology Management department knows what to do, the Technology Services department knows what to do, all with specific work-flow processes working among all departments. This has significantly reduced the time and increased the accuracy when be bringing a new client into our family.

  • Allowed our employees to request time off, giving them automated access to the amount of "PTO" hours that they’ve got available, and creating a work flow that notified the H.R. department, their manager, as well as the person covering for them.
In addition, SharePoint manages all of our documents, shares all of our meeting agendas, and even washes our dishes in our company kitchen. OK- we're stretching a bit.

Just imagine all of the processes that SharePoint can automate for your business! All of these customized SharePoint applications have been done with no software coding but rather using tools that come straight "out of the box" Therefore, the cost and time to implement are both greatly reduced.

Call us today at (866) 999-2638 to learn what Microsoft SharePoint can do for your business.

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