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Project Expertise

Technology Implementation Methodology: Experience and Expertise

Cal Net’s Long History of Successful Technology Consulting and Computer Services Projects

Cal Net has an outstanding reputation based on reliable IT services and superior IT infrastructure consulting expertise, making us a leader among firms that offer technology consulting in Los Angeles, Ventura, and Orange Counties. With over 18 years of experience in performing company-wide upgrades of business platform computer systems, Cal Net has developed a proven method of successfully accomplishing these projects. At Cal Net we understand that every business is different and requires different types of attention from our computer consultants. Our staff works closely with clients to effectively create an IT management system that meets each client’s own specific needs. No matter where you are in the LA area, you can count on Cal Net to serve you.

Hundreds of companies have called upon Cal Net’s specialized skills to help them with their migrations. If you need project expertise, you can rely on our computer networking in Orange County, LA, and Ventura areas. IT systems continue to evolve, and we have worked closely with our clients to improve their businesses by implementing the latest technology systems and features, enabling them to save on support costs, improve productivity and security, and increase overall profitability. Our computer services are thorough and efficient, so our clients can continue business as usual. Our expertise covers the realm of the most vital project-based services that businesses today require:

Precision Planning and Delivery

In any project which involves a corporate-wide system upgrade, the overall success of the project relies upon the careful planning and timing of the hundreds of tasks necessary to complete the job. Cal Net understands that there are three vital yet distinct aspects to a technology implementation: Technical Considerations, Implementation Coordination, and Support Transition.

For the Technical Considerations, Cal Net’s Project Management staff begins by working closely with your internal Information Technology personnel to discover all of the systems that are currently in use which may be affected by the upcoming system changes. A new system is designed, architected, discussed, revised and documented to prepare a blueprint of the desired outcome. The entire project is broken down into discrete individual tasks which are planned step-by-step in order to transition the current environment into the future architecture, with the risks of outages and downtime minimized.

A carefully planned Implementation Coordination usually means the difference between a smooth project and a total disaster. A poorly planned execution results in loss of productivity, end-user downtime, and a generally negative perception of both the new system and the IT department. Cal Net possesses vast experience in keeping all project participants, department managers and end-users thoroughly informed during the course of the project, so that the expectations of the implementation are always exceeded, and all considerations have been addressed to make sure that the transition to the new system happens as seamlessly as possible.

Upon completion of the implementation, a Support Transition occurs as Cal Net’s engineering staff prepares your internal I.T. staff for the responsibility of maintaining the new systems. Basic administrator training is always included in the scope of the project. In most cases, our clients engage us on a customized managed services support program after the project’s completion, in which Cal Net’s engineering staff continues to maintain, monitor and perform emergency troubleshooting services for a period of usually 3-12 months, depending on the time period in which their internal support staff is capable and comfortable in thoroughly supporting the new environment. In many cases, our clients continue to use Cal Net managed services for support on an ongoing basis, so that the internal staff can focus on business process-related and application-level improvements.

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