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The Benefits of Insourcing to Cal Net

Insourcing IT Support to Cal Net equals maximum results and lower costs.

“Our support programs are designed to provide you with the capabilities of an entire I.T. department for less than the cost of retaining fulltime personnel.”

Why Insource?

When businesses insource most of their IT support and infrastructure consulting needs to Cal Net, they enjoy a better level of service and overall lower costs than they would by retaining full-time employees to meet these needs. Using expert consultants for IT services in Los Angeles, Orange County, and Ventura County can save businesses thousands of dollars. There are only two IT needs that a business might be better off having fulfilled by in-house employees:

1) Many businesses utilize custom-built applications and/or databases that require upgrades and report writing. In these cases it makes more sense for a business to hire one or more in-house programmers to constantly work with these applications.

2) For businesses employing more than 200 computer users, it is advantageous to hire one or more in-house technicians for desktop support and help desk services.

Our highly qualified experts provide the computer networking Orange County and Los Angeles metro area businesses have counted on for years. Some of the many advantages of insourcing your IT to Cal Net are:

  • At Cal Net, you don’t just get an “I.T. person.” You get an I.T. department. We provide our clients with CIO-level consulting, expert engineering, a help desk, a purchasing department, staff training, systems management, and the list goes on and on. Our support programs are designed to provide you with the capabilities of an entire I.T. department for less than the cost of retaining fulltime personnel. Finding quality consultants for computer services in Southern California has never been easier when you switch to Cal Net.

  • In today’s economy, many businesses are not experiencing the growth of days past. During significant growth years, many business hired fulltime personnel in order to facilitate the consistent I.T. changes that occurred to support the company’s growth. In today’s market, it is common for a full time I.T. individual who may have had 40 hours per week worth of work to do in the past, to only have 10 hours of actual work to do today. In most cases when business revenues are flat or declining, the internal I.T. person is tasked with simply keeping things running smoothly, but isn’t tasked with making any significant improvements, upgrades, etc. In these scenarios, it is far more cost effective to insource these functions to a company like Cal Net who can provide only those 10 hours of service that are actually necessary.

  • Many businesses believe that it’s necessary to retain fulltime personnel to have someone there “just in case” for when things go wrong, but most fulltime I.T. personnel are not best prepared to handle emergency situations. Fortunately, modern computer systems rarely go down, but when they do, fulltime employees typically take far longer than Cal Net’s engineers to resolve problems because they have never seen the problem before, and have only their own knowledge and resources to work through the issue. This sometimes leads to outages lasting days or even weeks. Cal Net’s engineers not only possess far more experience troubleshooting diverse issues, but they also have vast resources to tap into. Each of our engineers can leverage our Cal Net team of 40+ I.T. professionals if they themselves don’t have the answer to a particularly tricky issue. On top of that, we are a Tier-1 managed Microsoft Gold Partner and have immediate access to the top systems engineers at Microsoft, in addition to all of the major manufacturers including HP, Dell, Sonicwall, Symantec and Cisco.

  • Projects involving upgrades to systems, when performed by fulltime personnel, are the most expensive and least efficient way to go and often result in the most downtime. This is because, in most cases, fulltime personnel have never actually performed the upgrade before, and also have little (if any) experience with these new products in real world production systems. They often spend months researching options and learning about the new products at the expense of your company. Between the research, the poor implementation, the downtime, and the cleanup efforts, your project has exceeded the necessary cost by a factor of many times. As an alternative, Cal Net’s staff performs 3-5 migration and/or implementation projects every week so you’ll know that your upgrades will go smoothly, on time and on budget.

  • With fulltime personnel, knowledge of your systems rests in the hands of a few, or even just one person. Our system discovery processes ensure that all needed information is documented and available to your assigned support team at all times. In addition to that, each of our clients is assigned 3 different technical resources, as well as 2 other non-technical resources, who get to learn your business very well. Therefore, if we have turnover with a single individual from our staff, you can rest assured that between our consistent documentation processes as well as redundant staff that is assigned to your account, little, if any, knowledge is lost when we turnover a staff member. Business owners know what difficulties result from the turnover of their I.T. staff. By insourcing to Cal Net, these problems will go away forever for you.

  • When members of your fulltime staff are sick, or on vacation, it often creates a myriad of problems for the rest of your staff when things go wrong. With a staff of 60, Cal Net is always able to provide the help you need when you need it, even on a 24x7x365 basis.

  • When systems engineers are hired by a company fulltime, they are frequently required to work during the company’s regular business hours (Monday through Friday from 8 am to 6 pm, for example). When it comes to working on server and network systems, regular business hours is the worst possible time to make changes, and thus fulltime personnel don’t have the opportunity to do the most important work during their regular working times, and have to come in nights and weekends to make those changes. Some engineers don’t want to work late hours, on top of their regular schedules, so server and network maintenance and projects often go ignored, or are rushed through. At Cal Net, all of our upgrade and implementation project work is done outside of your normal business hours, and we carefully schedule our service teams so they can be at their best performance level during these times. In addition, under California Law, full time I.T. personnel are required to receive overtime pay for any hours worked over 8 in a day or 40 in a week. Therefore, the work that is provided by your full time staff after hours, you are paying 50% more for. In Cal Net’s case, we bear the burden of our employees overtime pay, and for planned upgrades and migrations, we charge the same hourly rate that we charge during normal business hours.

  • Our Technology Managers provide the keen consulting and strategic support that fulltime personnel are not able to fulfill. Our consultants possess vast experience in every conceivable industry and can tap into each other’s experience as a team.

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Cal Net support programs are designed to provide you with the capabilities of an entire I.T. department for less than the cost of retaining full-time personnel.

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