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Emergency Repairs

Discover Total Protection with Cal Net's Emergency Repairs

Does Your Network Notwork?

Are you in need of immediate IT support in Orange County, Los Angeles County or Ventura County? With our staff of over 35 fulltime Microsoft certified engineers, we can dispatch and arrive at your site to provide diagnostic and resolution services. With a team this large, you can be confident that we will arrive in a timely manner. We offer 24/7 support, 365 days a year of IT services, because we know that some businesses can't afford to lose access to their computer and network systems.

Call (866) 999-2638 option 3 now to speak to a Technology Advisor.

As part of our managed support service packages, we offer a guaranteed 2-hour response for clients with business critical issues. We house the quality IT consultants Los Angeles businesses can't do without.

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I'm an IT Manager / CIO

Cal Net provides a flexible support team to augment your daily maintenance and support requirements as well as expertise for a particular project or technology implementation.

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I'm a Business Owner / Executive

Cal Net support programs are designed to provide you with the capabilities of an entire I.T. department for less than the cost of retaining full-time personnel.

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