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Cloud Services

If you haven’t done so already, taking a look at your corporate infrastructure and assessing what parts of it could benefit from cloud computing, might be a smart idea. At Cal Net, we have developed services and solutions that utilize the cloud in order to deliver efficiencies and cost savings to our clients. In addition to those services and solutions that we offer, we also help manage those cloud providers that our clients may directly engage with.

Cal Net’s cloud offerings include:

Cloud Assessments

The Cloud and the application of its various components are a great fit in some organizations, and not such a great fit in others. The reality of today is, very few organizations can literally take all of the major components of their entire I.T. infrastructure to the cloud. At Cal Net, one of the first engagements that we perform for a client trying to determine how to best leverage the cloud, is through our Cloud Assessment process. During the course of this process, we help you identify which components should move to the cloud, and why. We perform various analysis by looking at long term cost, privacy, availability, scale, and overall user experience. There are these, and many other factors, when determining if the cloud is right for you. In almost all cases, at least a small part of a client's infrastructure can move to the cloud, as some of the highly commoditized services are best leveraged through the Cloud. If you'd like to learn more about our Cloud Assessments, don't hesitate to contact us.

CloudNET Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

As the cost of storage and virtual infrastructure has come down, Infrastructure as a Service starts to make sense. Instead of going through the capital expenditure of buying new servers and storage, many of our clients have decided that it makes sense to procure servers and storage as a service, on a monthly basis, and to leave the management of the infrastructure up to us. Utilizing only SSAE16 Data centers, Cal Net’s CloudNET IaaS program is scalable, secure, and cost effective for those companies looking to reduce their on-premise hardware footprint, using a “pay as you grow” payment model. We foresee a day when almost all server based computing is consumed in this fashion, and on-site servers become a technology of the past.

Cal Net’s EazyVault powered by Egnyte

Online File Systems like Dropbox and Box have become pervasive throughout, but lack the administrative control and security that most businesses need. Business files are valuable assets that must be readily available, yet protected. EazyVault HybridCloud acts as a secure online hard drive offering continuous file backup and online file storage while providing simple file sharing and mobile access.

Our clients have the benefit of enterprise caliber features without expensive investments in on premise file servers, tape backup, or FTP and VPN setups. EazyVault’s simple file/folder sharing tools require no learning curve or installation and can be implemented with ease. Accessing files is just as easy: using any computer or mobile device, business files are always there, online or offline. As organizations grow they can add network attached storage to support teams with fast local and offline access.

Microsoft Office365

Every day thousands of users migrate from getting their email from on-premise Exchange servers, to getting their email through Microsoft Office365. These same users also gain the functionality of Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft Lync.

Once your email is hosted at Office365, daily administration is relatively easy. That said, the migration process itself can get very complicated. Cal Net has migrated thousands of users from on-premise Exchange to Office365. If you are also contemplating this migration, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Cal Net’s DeviceCONTROL™

DeviceCONTROL is a Mobile Device Management (MDM) service that will revolutionize your ability to manage your mobile workforce. Get instant visibility into who is connecting to your corporate data and how. Take centralized control of your environment through a single screen accessed anywhere through a web browser.

Automate resource-intensive mobile device management tasks, while increasing IT productivity across the entire mobile device lifecycle—from enrollment to enterprise integration, configuration and management, monitoring and security, support, and analytics and reporting.

Individual device security: Configure, lock, disable, or wipe a lost smartphone or tablet remotely over-the-air (OTA).

Enterprise-wide security: Advanced automated policy management, actions, workflows, and event-based security with a compliance rules engine to ensure all devices meet security configurations.

App management: Integrated enterprise app catalog for the secure distribution and management of in-house and 3rd‑party mobile applications across multiple platforms.

Role-based portal access rights: Other departments, such as HR, finance and operations, gain appropriate visibility.

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Cal Net Email Security

For those companies who choose to keep their email on-premise, using a cloud based email security service makes a lot of sense. Cal Net has partnered with McAfee to deliver best of breed email security. These solutions include:

McAfee SaaS Email Encryption

McAfee SaaS Email Encryption is a cloud-based solution that helps identify and encrypt valuable information, allowing you to maintain a stronger business and comply with privacy regulations.

McAfee SaaS Email Archiving

McAfee SaaS Email Archiving simplifies email searches and eases archive administration with a cost-effective solution that doesn’t require additional hardware or software.

McAfee SaaS Email Protection & Continuity

McAfee SaaS Email Protection and Continuity blocks more than 99% of spam, viruses, and other malware in the cloud, before it reaches your network. Enforcing outgoing email policies and enabling email access during outages, it’s an easy-to-use solution that requires no additional hardware, software, or maintenance.

Cal Net’s Disk Based and Online Backup (DBOB)

Utilizing cloud storage for your Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery planning is a smart move. Cal Net’s DBOB solution has been using cloud storage since 2008, and a vast majority of our clients are using this solution. DBOB leverages a hybrid of on-premise storage for fast backup and recovery, with cloud based storage utilized for getting data off-site. With our DBOB solution, not only is the data off-site, but we can literally spin up virtualized servers in our datacenter, in the event of a physical site failure at a client. This end-to-end solution provides a reliable, secure, and redundant backup and recovery strategy.

Cloud Management

As part of our Managed Services programs, we manage those cloud based vendors that our clients have direct relationships with. This includes:
  • Being the single point of contact for all of your cloud based vendors
  • Helping with the ongoing task of "mapping I.T. to the business" and figuring out what parts of the cloud are working, and which are not, and what new cloud based technologies might be right for your business.
  • Acting as the escalation point when "the Cloud breaks"

It is our goal to provide our clients with as much "up-time" as possible. When your technology stops working, the last thing you want to hear is "It's your Cloud vendor, call them.” If the Cloud does break, our response will be "We've got access to your Cloud vendors top tier support, we will call them immediately and give you a status as soon as we’ve got one."

The Cloud becomes our responsibility. Period.

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