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Why Choose Cal Net?

IT Consulting and Computer Services in Orange County and Los Angeles

At Cal Net, we know that there are a multitude of companies and consultants who can assist you with your computer systems. Over the past 14 years, we’ve devoted time and energy to separating ourselves from our competition in many ways. Cal Net is the company you can rely on for IT service that is superior to anyone else in the marketplace whether you need Orange County IT consulting services, Los Angeles tech support, or technical troubleshooting in Ventura or San Bernardino County.

Our primary differentiating factors are:

Why Choose Cal Net? - Primary Differentiating Factors
Our Focus

Glancing through our competitor’s websites, one of the first things that you’ll notice is that that they have many different I.T. business practices, and many of these practices don’t complement one another. 

For example, you might find a firm who does Network Infrastructure, Software Development, and Website Development all under one roof. If the firm has many hundreds of employees and divisions, then this feat can certainly be accomplished, but if the firm has 60 or less employees, and they’ve got multiple non-complimentary business practices, how well do they do any one of these? They would like to be all things to all people.

Our approach is different.

At Cal Net, we stick to one discipline and execute perfectly, every time. This is why as we grow our service offerings, they all align under our core business of I.T. Support and Consulting. Our services cohesively streamline clients’ business operations with effective IT consulting in Los Angeles and surrounding counties. For those of you who have read the book “Good to Great” by Jim Collins, we consider this to be our “Hedgehog Concept.” In short, for the past 14 years, we’ve been developing, improving, and refining our service delivery methodologies to see to it that our clients are provided with the best possible value and experience.

Our People and How They Get Here

If you ask any company how they are different from their competition, they will say “our people.” Most of them will fall back on their experience, while many of them will have a hard time articulating what exactly they mean when they say that their people make them different. We have no trouble articulating our strengths in Southern California and Los Angeles computer consulting, and neither do our clients! Our story begins with our recruitment process. After a candidate goes through roughly 12 hours of interviewing for a technical position within our team, he or she has about a 1 in 3 chance of receiving an offer from our firm.

We begin by screening roughly 200 resumes for a particular technical position. We have gotten very proficient at evaluating the characteristics of a resume that appeal to us. When we hire a professional for our IT consulting in Los Angeles, It is a delicate balance of measuring the ability of candidates to define their objective, their technical expertise, their years in the business, their length of stay at each previous employer, the types of I.T. positions they’ve held previously, and their location relative to our need. By the end of the process, we feel certain we have chosen the best IT consultant for Los Angeles, Ventura, and Orange County area clients. We feel our meticulous screening process is reflected in the quality of our services.

From those 200 resumes, we will narrow the playing field down to roughly 10-15 individuals with whom we speak to on the phone, and we give them a short technical interview with specific questions that they should immediately know if they’ve got the experience that their resume boasts.  We additionally and equally importantly screen for the ability to articulate technical terms to non-technical people.

After these series of phone interviews, we again narrow the playing field down to about 5 in person interviews where several members of our team go deep into their past work experience, additional technical experience, their communication skills, and their future objectives and desires.
The last phase of our technical recruiting process is the “Cal Net Lab.”  We usually ask 2-3 of our final candidates to come into our facility, and take a technical lab.  This is NOT a multiple choice exam.  The candidate is tasked with building a network environment from scratch, and doing it all within a specified time frame (the candidates has 8 hours to complete the lab).  After administering hundreds of labs, we’ve only had one person who has completed the lab and scored 100% (needless to say, that individual is part of our team today).  The candidate is graded on a point system and is then categorized into one of five levels of engineer.  Assuming that they attain the appropriate number of points for the position that they are applying for, it is only then that we extend an offer.

This process allows us the greatest level of assurance possible that we’ve got the right person joining our firm.  Not only by passing each level of our screening process, but by enduring this process in and of itself, we are certain that this candidate is serious about joining our team, and that solidifies our decision to pick a particular candidate.

On a final note, as one might presume from our recruitment process, all of our resources are full time W-2 employees.  With the exception of an occasional network cabling job, we deliver 100% of our services with our own employees, never utilizing contractors.  This assures that we can control the quality of services delivered.

Technology Management

In order to provide the greatest amount of value to our clients, we have to deliver more than just a skilled technical resource who knows how to implement a new system, or fix a complex issue.  Our value is the partnership that we create with our clients, and this is strengthened by our ability to “Map I.T. to the Business.”  It takes a different kind of company to be able to offer up the brightest technical resources around and at the same time, offering a resource that has years of experience in business, and can precisely solve business issues and create business efficiencies, by leveraging technology. 
Our most experienced team members are part of our Technology Management team, and each of our clients is assigned a Technology Manager.  You can read more about our Technology Management Services here.

Our Technology Partners & Their Support

We receive several calls a week by a new company wanting us to sell their new product or service.  At Cal Net, we believe that the “best of breed” are called so for a reason, and the technologies that we adopt are only best of breed.  Our “TAP” or technology adoption process is similar to that of our recruiting process.  Before we officially support a new Technology Partner, we look long and hard at the company, their position in the industry, and most importantly, the support that they are going to provide us on the backend.
We go deep with our Technology Partners and ensure that our people are trained on their products, and that we are at the “top of their food chain” such that we get the support and the resources that we need from them.  At the end of the day, our clients can rest assured that the recommendations that we make are supported by research, and a firm commitment between our firm and those with whom we partner.

Alliance Partners

In furthering our strict adherence to “Our Focus” we create alliances with other companies who maintain this same methodology of running and growing their business.  This common thread allows us refer likeminded companies in other areas of technology.  We have handpicked a group of companies, all who excel at what they do, that we refer our clients to when appropriate.
In just about every technology discipline, whether it is accounting systems, software development, co-location facilities, Internet providers, etc., we have relationships with the best of the best, in turn providing our clients with recommendations to other firms who can support their business needs.

Back Office Support Staff

Our team goes substantially deeper than our client facing resources.  In the back office, we’ve got a passionate management team committed to the growth and continual improvement of our firm, a full time help desk, research and development staff, and redundant resources in our critical departments such as scheduling and procurement.
Our investment into our back office further assures our clients that we’ve got the resources and responsiveness that is crucial to the success of their business.

And Finally ... The Power of Many

There are few firms who serve that markets that we do, that have the number of full time employees that we do.  Between our recruitment process and our depth of technical resources, our collective brain power is vast.  We have strategically hired specific individuals with exemplary skill sets so that in any area of technology that we support, our clients can rest assured that we’ve got the expertise necessary to excel in the job that we do.

Perhaps the best illustration of this is an internal technical distribution list that we’ve created.  If someone on our engineering team encounters an issue that they’ve never seen before, a simple email documenting the issue will go out to the rest of team, and within 10 minutes, they will likely have 10 suggestions on a fix.
This level of peer support is simply not available in a smaller firm or in a “one man shop.”  The value to our clients is quick and accurate solutions to their issues, lowering their I.T supports costs, and helping their business do business.

In summary, Cal Net is much more than just another I.T. provider.  Our years in the business have allowed us the opportunity to consistently refine every aspect of our firm, resulting in a high value suite of services to our clients.

If you would like to know more about how we can be of value to you and your organization, please contact us today.

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