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Client Testimonials
Cal Net Technology Group has over 300 clients in the Southern California Area. Cal Net Technology Group has a vast amount of experience in considerable number of industries. We know and understand the issues that can affect different industries, and we know how to build technology solutions to address those issues.

Please note: The testimonials below are ACTUAL TESTIMONIALS taken verbatim from our annual survey, and were not solicited from our clients in any form or fashion.

Harvard-Westlake School (Customer Case Study)
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Industry: Education

Cal Net Technology Group Provides High Level Consulting for One of the Top College Preparatory Schools in Los Angeles County

The Challenge
Harvard-Westlake School (HWS) is one of the top college preparatory schools in Los Angeles County.  Its student profile includes 1,597 students enrolled in grades 7-12 with a student to faculty ratio of 8:1.

With such a large student body and faculty, HWS needed a firewall solution to protect its’ data and students’ information.

The Solution
With this challenge in mind, HWS approached Cal Net Technology Group seeking assistance with implementing a high-end firewall solution. After working together and gaining a better understanding of Cal Net’s skill sets, HWS hired Cal Net for a list of 70 projects of high level interest.

In order to cater to HWS’s specific needs, Cal Net developed a detailed Scope of Work and a strategy to implement it that would be both time and cost efficient.

The Results
Through Cal Net, HWS has found a service that provides an extremely high level of regularly scheduled technical skill along with rotating specialists that help implement technology faster and better than any one single engineer can.

Cal Net is also able to ramp up their services during HWS’s peak times and reduce costs by lowering services during their slow times.

A note from David Hartmann, Network Manager, Harvard-Westlake School:
“Cal Net has been able to bring subject matter experts to us. This has allowed projects to be completed rapidly while insuring a high quality outcome. We couldn’t have completed the same number of tasks with a single additional full-time tech added to our staff. They also document and manage their resources very well. We are very happy with what Cal Net has done for us.”

About Cal Net Technology Group
Founded in 1995, Cal Net Technology Group provides Southern California's businesses with technology solutions expertise ranging from outsourced I.T. services to ongoing support and consultation.  Their signature services include TECManage, designed to provide a cost-effective option for companies who need the services of full-time I.T personnel, and COManage, best for those in need of part-time and support services.

About Harvard-Westlake School
Harvard-Westlake School is an independent coeducational college preparatory day school including grades 7-12.  It is the result of a merger between Harvard School, founded in 1900, and Westlake School for Girls, established in 1904. Coeducation began in September of 1991. It ranks among the top high schools in the country in number of National Merit Semifinalists. In the class of 2009, there are 116 students who received National Merit Recognition, with 35 students as National Merit Semifinalists.

Stanislawski and Harrison
Website: http://www.snh-cpa.com
Industry: Accounting

Stanislawski & Harrison is a Pasadena-based CPA firm serving prestigious clients nationwide. They specialize in accounting, auditing, tax, and business management services for a wide range of industries, nonprofit organizations, and individuals.

At Stanislawski & Harrison you’ll find a team of experienced professionals who deliver products and services of outstanding quality. They routinely find creative solutions to complex challenges. They use innovation as a standard operating procedure, and they favor proactive approaches that offer advantages for the long-term while meeting the immediate needs of the short-term.

A note from Michelle Johnson at Stanislawski & Harrision:

"I think you guys do a great job. I must say that our system has never been more stable in the 18 years I’ve worked for Stanislawski. For that, I thank you all."

Mann Theatres
Website: http://www.manntheatres.com
Industry: Entertainment

Mann Theatres is a boutique theatre chain currently owning and operating 20 theatres with 122 screens in Southern California, with the circuit’s primary area of operation being the greater Los Angeles area.

Mann Theatres’ Los Angeles area locations include the world-famous Grauman’s Chinese Theatre in Hollywood, The Village, Bruin and National theatres in Westwood Village and The Criterion 6 in Santa Monica. Added to our lineup of premiere theatres in 2001 is Mann Chinese 6, with its Luxurious VIP Lounge, adjacent to Grauman’s in Hollywood. Known for their state-of-the-art presentation, these theatres are among the most prestigious in the industry and are host to frequent star-studded world premieres and other lavish industry events.

Judy Diamond from Mann Theatres writes: "You have provided us with your managed network services since 1999. This provides us with the peace of mind and security that a trusted partner is watching over our I.T. environment. We are confident that the next 6 years with Cal Net will be as smooth and stable as the past 6 have been. We could not have picked a better business partner to manage our network.”

Grossman Medical Group
Website: http://www.grossmanmed.com
Industry: Healthcare

Founder of the Prestigious Grossman Burn Center in Sherman Oaks, CA, A. Richard Grossman, and his son, Peter H. Grossman are among the most respected and well recognized specialists in burn and wound care in the world. The Grossman Medical Group Inc. emphasizes the science and skill of reconstructive surgery with the artistry of aesthetic surgery to achieve the optimal cosmetic result, while maximizing patient safety.

A note from Pam Kunisawa from Grossman Medical Group:

"I appreciate your input & proactive nature of service."

JINS Federal Credit Union
Website: www.fedonefcu.org
Industry: Credit Union/Financial Services

In 1961, the Justice Department of Immigration and Naturalization Services opened a federal credit union in San Pedro, CA offering nothing more than simple passbook savings accounts and small loans. Today, more than three decades later, JINS now offers almost every modern banking convenience, and now services The Department of Homeland Security and Justice Department employees who work in or are headquartered in Arizona, California, Hawaii, Nevada, the Territory of Guam, the Mariana Islands, as well as their immediate family members and contractors.

A note from Richard Rosales, President of JINS Federal Credit Union:

"We went through a tremendous number of I.T. Providers before finding Cal Net. Now that they are here, our search is OVER! It has been smooth sailing ever since they came on board.”

Providence High School
Website: http://www.providencehigh.org
Industry: Education

Providence High School’s goal is to develop each student to his or her full potential, as a leader, a responsible citizen of the world, who is imbued with a strong set of moral values, a sense of service and a love of learning. Owned and operated by the Sisters of Providence, the school is located in the San Fernando Valley, serving the greater Los Angeles area. They work in collaboration with the parents, who are acknowledged as the primary educators of their sons and daughters. They begin their work with the belief that each student is essentially good and infinitely lovable. Guided by our Catholic tradition, we recognize Jesus Christ as the model of the total person we are seeking to develop. In our mission of education, we strive for academic excellence and the total development of the individual.

John Koehler from Providence High School writes: "Experience of 25+ years with consultants including DEC, Oracle and DT; you are the best!!! Keep up the great work."

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