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Private Equity I.T. Practice

Private Equity Clients IT Infrastructure Consulting & Services

Cal Net Tech established itself as a top IT services provider in the private equity space during the M&A storm in mid 2000’s.

  • We have assisted firms in evaluating the state of technology within the organizations that they are considering acquiring. Technology can create a significant competitive advantage, and it’s nice to know if that exists before getting too deep into the acquisition process. We can also evaluate if too much or too little support staff exists to capitalize on this competitive advantage.

  • We have assisted firms in the post acquisition process by assisting them in eliminating unnecessary overhead with respect to IT support staff. In one example, we eliminated an entire staff and saved the new owners 60% on their annual IT support spend by restructuring staff and automating certain processes.

Since then, our client list of private equity firms and related firms has grown significantly. While in most cases, the use of sophisticated software in these markets has not been typical, the availability of email systems, mobile devices, file systems, and other technologies has been increasingly important as deals make their way through the cycle. It is very important for bankers and executives to have fast, secure, and reliable information at their fingertips, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Many times, there are tens if not hundreds of millions of dollars on the line.

At Cal Net, we get it. We understand the importance of your IT systems functioning properly so that you can move your deals through the acquisition process. We understand that while your staff may not be huge, your needs are critical and significant.

In addition to working with our private equity clients themselves, we’ve worked with them during their acquisition processes in the following capacities:

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For more information about what we’ve done for our clients within these industries, please read our client testimonials.
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